15 Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations

on October 1, 2020

If you don’t have the time, energy, or skill to lead a toddler through glitter-filled Halloween crafts, then join the club. Lucky for you, these DIY Halloween decorations are for varying skill levels — some you can even do with a single step! Scroll through these genius Halloween decor ideas to get you and your family into the spooky spirit and score some super cute pics of your house for your Chatbooks! Even though holidays look a little different this year, these scary DIY decorations are sure to spread some smiles. Go on with your spooky self!

Ghosts in the Yard 

Find these friendly ghosts holding hands and welcoming guests into your yard with a simple tutorial. Grab some white sheets and yard stakes, and get going with this easy, fun outdoor Halloween prop.

Painted Pumpkins 

If carving pumpkins stresses you out (who wants pumpkin “guts” all over their kitchen counter?!), consider painting pumpkins instead. A simple buffalo check pattern is simple yet classy. You could even splatter paint them or paint cute faces on them.

PVC Pipe Skeleton

A perfect mix between cute-sy and spooky, you will use this skeleton on your porch for years to come. Find the simple tutorial here.

Tissue Ghost Garland

Perhaps the most kid-friendly DIY project EVER: Grab your tissues, cotton balls, twine, and black sharpie to make this simple ghost garland that your kids will love to show off to all of your guests.

Wine Bottle Candlesticks 

This simple decor item is sure to add a sweet scent and a spooky feel to your home that you will want to recreate year after year. These candlesticks can also be used as party decor!

Pumpkin Candy Jar

Making a candy jar out of a pumpkin is a really fun way to simplify pumpkin carving. You don’t have to worry about perfecting your scary pumpkin face, instead you simply carve out a hole that is big enough for a few small hands to squeeze through (you can add a eyes and a nose if you want to). Voila! The perfect candy bowl!

Tattered Curtains 

Want to know the BEST way to make your home feel like a haunted house? Tattered curtains. These simple outdoor curtains made of cheesecloth add such a fun haunted feel to your house. Make sure to play your favorite version of monster mash on your speaker and use dark colored light bulbs on your porch to complete the look!

Fabric Pumpkins 

Scatter these plush pumpkins around your house for a fun, chic way to get your space ready for Halloween. These beauties are simple to make and perfect for house warming gifts, neighbor presents, or just as a simple table decoration that you will want to pull out year after year.

My Mummy’s Door!

If you’re wanting your kids to help with decor, this is the perfect hands-on activity. Turn your door into a mummy with some small strips of white fabric (you could even use toilet paper if you want this to be a short term project) and black felt circles as the eyes.

Floating Witch Hats

Something wicked this way comes! These floating hats are cheap and easy! Pick up a few witch hats from the dollar store, some fishing wire, and a needle to string the wire through the top of the hat. Tape the end of the fishing wire all over the ceiling inside and around the porch outside!

Colorful Branch Vase

Your kids will love picking out branches from around the yard. Spray paint them a bright color and have them as a stunning centerpiece throughout the Halloween season!

Mason Jar Ghosts 

A perfect activity for any paint-loving toddler: Pull out your old mason jars and your white craft paint to turn these jars into cute little ghosts. Once the paint is dry, glue on googly eyes and, just like that, you have a perfect Halloween-themed pencil holder for at-home school, a ghostly toothbrush holder, or a cute candy jar!

Spooky Spiders 

With only a few tools, bring these darling spiders to life! Glue some googly eyes on a black Christmas ornament or a painted styrofoam ball and add it to a spider cupcake holder for a simple decor item that is a perfect photo prop, bookend, or coffee table trinket!

Candy Corn Pinata

Bring the Halloween party home this year with this super fun, kid-friendly candy corn pinata. If trick or treating is going to be looking different for your family, this is a perfect way to bring in the candy and the fun without worrying about germs and masks!

Eyeball Wreath 

This monster eyeball wreath will have your kids shrieking with excitement. This simple DIY is one that they are sure to enjoy. Get your feather boa and ping pong balls out… this will be fun!