8 Fall Photoshoot Outfits You Need To Try

on September 28, 2020

Dressing your family on a normal day feels like wrangling a herd of cats. Trying to coordinate and dress your family’s outfits for a fall photoshoot? Nearly impossible. That’s why we’ve compiled some great tips for fall photoshoot outfits to make your life easier and your holiday cards even more adorable than last year’s!

These fall family photoshoot outfit ideas and tips are sure to be a hit. Your photos will be so nice that you’ll just have to print them. Consider Chatbooks Cards or Standard Photo Books to immortalize your iconic family look. And remember: A family that slays together stays together.

Dress for the season

Though this seems like an obvious tip, be sure to dress for the occasion. This time of year is perfect for multiple layers and fall knits, so take advantage of it. Don’t pair something too summery with a fall backdrop, and avoid heavy winter clothes if there isn’t snow on the ground yet. Opt for on-point fall layers with accessories like scarves and hats if you need them. Also, weather-appropriate clothing will help keep your littles from having meltdowns! 

Try fall tones

If you’re prepping for an autumn photoshoot, stick with jewel tones such as burgundy, purple, emerald and navy. These rich hues really pop off of the reds, yellows and browns or fall foliage. Consider jewel tones that work nicely with your complexion and hair color. 

Consider color combinations

When deciding on a photoshoot ensemble for your whole family, consider some fun color combinations. You don’t all have to dress in the same color, but have some unity in your outfits by choosing to emphasize one color. Color combinations are a great way to stick with a theme. Some fall color combinations are deep reds, oranges and tans; plums, olives and creams; and navy with a few shades of grey.

Go for texture

One of the most important elements of your fall outfit will be your clothing’s texture. Texture will stand out in photos and really finish off the fall vibe you are going for. Make sure you and your family are consistent in what you wear. For example, if you are going for a structured look, make sure that no one shows up in bohemian, loosely-fitted clothing. If you’re opting for a crazy cozy vibe, opt for large knit patterns and cashmere-like materials that’ll look extra soft on-screen.

Personalize your fall photoshoot look

You should always feel comfortable in what you wear! Bring your favorite accessory, choose your favorite colors or go for a look that is totally you. It is important that you bring your own sense of style into the photo and add your own flare. If you’re taking a big family photo, make sure that everyone includes one accessory that is totally their vibe.

Sort by silhouette

Not sure where to start when shopping for your family photo? The easiest way to build a look for a family photoshoot is to start with the person whose outfit has the best silhouette and work your way down the list. Women’s clothing tends to be more versatile and the silhouettes vary greatly, so select a skirt or dress that speaks to you and build the other outfits around that.

Use what you have

You don’t have to buy your squad a whole new wardrobe for a family photo. Take a look around your closets and see what you can find that works together. Only get new outfits if you want to!

Always opt for natural light

Colors can look vastly different under fluorescent lighting when compared to natural light. Make sure to step into natural light, when possible, while choosing outfits and attire for your photoshoot. That way you can get a real sense of what they’ll look like in your photos.