How to Celebrate Halloween While Social Distancing

on September 17, 2020

What a decade this year has been. Between remote schooling, working from home (which is really more like living at work) and the general anxiety of living through a pandemic, odds are things have been a little rough for your family. Normally, by the time fall rolls around, everyone is excited with the prospect of Halloween. There’s the choosing of the costume and the anticipatory candy binge that keeps the kids going through the first few weeks of fall. But this year feels a bit different. That said, don’t let these unprecedented times scare off your spooky season — make the most of Halloween while social distancing! 

To start, check out this Halloween during coronavirus map to see how safe trick or treating is in your town or city. Then, consider these creative ideas for how to celebrate Halloween during Covid-19. And remember: Pictures or it didn’t happen, so be sure to snap some photos of how you celebrate this year’s creepy holiday to add to a Chatbook!

Hang Treats In Your Front Yard

How fun will it be to listen to Monster Mash while tying mini Snickers bars to pieces of string that you can hang from all over your front yard? This is SURE to be the neighborhood favorite. Let the kids collect their loot while maintaining social distance. Money may not grow from trees, but this year, candy does!

Set up a Trick or Treating Path Outside Your House

“This is Halloween, This is Halloween…”. Can’t you hear Jack Skellington singing as you read those words? Gather some neighbors to take over a section of sidewalk that you deem “Candy Corn Lane.” Each neighbor can bring a bucket of candy that they place along the stretch of sidewalk (coordinate with your neighbors for a chocolate bucket, gum bucket, sour candy bucket, etc). Maintain six feet of distance as trick or treaters move down your street, picking one candy from each bucket. Bring a stereo to blast creepy music and enjoy hanging with your neighbors while the kids play in everyone’s front yards.

Make a Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Egg Hunt 

Easter egg hunts may become the next big thing for Halloween. But this season, consider it a radioactive dinosaur egg hunt! After filling the eggs with glow sticks and candy, turn the lights off around the house and let your littles spend the evening hunting around for treats.

Create a Drive-Through Haunted House 

Perhaps the safest option for social distancing: Create a drive-through haunted house! Now, you’ll need to get creative with this one. Either scout out a dead end street in your neighborhood and reach out to its residents, call up a friend who has a circular driveway or touch base with your town board to see if you can get a permit to shut down your street for a few hours on Halloween night. Then, get your neighbors and their kids to dress as your creepy actors and spend the weeks leading up to Halloween night making scary props that you can use on the big night.

Make a Pumpkin Piñata

Purchase your own candy and make your own Halloween piñata or buy one at a local store. Let kids use a witch’s broom to hit their target.

Create a Halloween Alley in Your Home

Depending on how much time and effort you want to put into this idea, you could turn your home into a Halloween wonderland. Each room can be decorated with a theme that incorporates one type of candy. Kids need to beat the clock to uncover or collect as much candy as they can. This could look like having a “Monster Room” with the door decorated like a giant monster and having Crunch bars scattered throughout — the monster could “crunch” them if they don’t get out quickly enough! The vampire room could have black licorice hanging from the ceiling just like bats… You get the picture.

Did Someone Say Trunk or Treat?

Yep. And it’s exactly what you think it is. Deck out your car’s trunk with all the Halloween decor you can get your hands on and let the kids make their rounds. Consider requiring gloves or some type of contraption like a trash picker that allows kids to pick up candy without touching all the wrappers. You can also keep your trunk or treat with family members or a very tight knit group of friends.

Host a Costume Parade

Let your kiddos show off their costumes in a neighborhood/block costume parade. Masks are required and neighbors are asked to remain in their own yard. You could even throw candy to the kids as they walk by!