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One of the 100 Brilliant Companies, this service turns Instagram feeds into simple, beautiful photo books. Each time you add 60 photos, a new “volume” arrives in the mail.

Give your favorite Instagram or Facebook photos an old school showcase with this subscription service that automatically downloads images in sets of 60 to create bound albums.

If you’re a busy mom or dad, Chatbooks is a must. It’s a streamlined photo printing service that helps you bring to life the photos you have hidden in your phone. It delivers them in cute books to your doorstep with almost no work on your end.

“As they’ve grown the business, the co-founder learned an even more eye-opening lesson: what parents today need most are jobs that can adapt to their lives. Not the other way around.”

Rather than just ‘gramming your way through your memories, you can print them all into a gorgeous, high-quality book. It seriously couldn’t be any easier than it is with Chatbooks.

Sync your Instagram, Facebook or your favorite photos from your camera roll and choose your top picks. Chatbooks then automatically creates a gorgeous photo book for you, ready to be opened by the time you get back from your travels. #Genius.

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